Thursday, August 30, 2012

The GOP 2012 platform. What it really means.

Preserving and Protecting Traditional Marriage:
Creating a Culture of Hope: Raising Families Beyond Poverty:
We HATE lazy unemployed poor people.
Adoption and Foster Care:
Get these poor kids off the government dole.
Making the Internet Family-Friendly:
GOP/Crazy Christers want to censor the internet, no obscenity, no gambling, no blasphemy.
Advancing Americans with Disabilities:
Get the disabled poor people off the government dole, no killing for Spermatazoan Americans, No killing of zygotes, Full and whole fetal personhood.
Repealing Obamacare:
Big pharma and Doctors need more money, you get a voucher, no more medicare and no more medicade.
Our Prescription for American Healthcare,Improve Quality and Lower Costs:
Improve CEO quality of life by shifting medical costs to you.
Ensuring Consumer Choice in Healthcare:
Chose to buy healthcare or chose not to buy healthcare.
Supporting Federal Healthcare Research and Development:
Except for those deemed unbiblical or are just to darned expensive and take money away from our Military.
Protecting Individual Conscience in Healthcare:
You don't get that life saving procedure or medicine if your Doctor or pharmacist says it ain't biblical.
Reforming the FDA:
We can't have the FDA wasting money on testing food/drugs that big corporations says is OK.
Reducing Costs through Tort Reform:
You will no longer be able to sue negligent corporations who screwed you over or killed someone you loved. Education: A Chance for Every Child: Teach Creationism, Critical thinking is bad (see Texas).
Attaining Academic Excellence for All:
Learn the Bible, no more liberal arts.
Consumer Choice in Education:
Do as you please when educating your child but don't expect government money, we need that for the military.
Improving Our Nation’s Classrooms:
Teach only GOP/Crazy Christer approved courses.
Addressing Rising College Costs:
We think only the wealthy and upperclass need attain higher education.
Justice for All: Safe Neighborhoods and Prison Reform: Justice for all that can afford it. And privatize all prisons so our friends in the private prison industry can move into the private judicial system and assure that only poor people and liberals go to prison. This will also save money we desperatly need for our military.

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