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Fred Phelps, and his fucked up family of followers

I hope they get whats coming to them in Joplin.

The Westboro Baptist Church — known for its protests at the funerals of soldiers and people with HIV/AIDS — plans to picket in Joplin on Sunday, where at least 125 people have died in a tornado.

On its website, the church says “Thank God for 125 dead,” an echo of its common refrain crediting God with having people killed in retribution for the United States’ tolerance of homosexuality.

Members plans to be in Joplin on Sunday when President Barack Obama is to visit and may attend at a memorial service for storm victims.

I am really not one to promote violence, but this guy needs his ass handed to him.

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Harold Camping and the Crazy Christers

I have talked with a few crazy christers and they all think old Harold Camping is nuts.
But the only difference between the main stream christians and the nutty Harold Camping is the date on which the rapture will occur.
They all believe the rapture is a sure thing and that it will eventually happen.
And most believe that we are in the end time, but then the end times have always been upon us according to most religions.

Harold Camping and every other religious leader are scam artists and nothing more.
Poaching off the lively hood of those that have the least to give. The poor, the down trodden the weak the elderly the miss guided the unfortunate who are not capable of thinking for themselves are being taken advantage of by these people who claim to have a way out for them in the next life.

Criminals they are, one and all.

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Anyone Get Raptured?

I was not dissapointed, I knew I wasn't going to be raptured.

But a friend of mine texted me sunday evening and said he thought he had been raptured, but then he texted me back and said it was a mistake. I think it was probably a case of alcohol induced Hallucination, but then thats normal for DJ.

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Make My Bed? But the World’s Ending

Thousands of people around the country have spent the last few days taking to the streets and saying final goodbyes before Saturday, Judgment Day, when they expect to be absorbed into heaven in a process known as the rapture. Nonbelievers, they hold, will be left behind to perish along with the world over the next five months.

Why is this "news"? Why is the NYTimes giving these religiously insane, delusional people media attention.

Normal American family?

Or mentally and emotionally abusive parents ?

It is child abuse, the parents are mentally ill.

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Get the Real News

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Welcome to The New American Dream Radio Show! We’re live every Thursday at 6:45 pm Central Time. It’s an Internet Radio Show; you won’t find it by searching the airwaves with your transistor radio that you got for Christmas back in 1957.

I think that’s when I got mine… But that just won’t work for our show. Sorry. We have made it really really easy though! All you have to do is click Listen Live, or if you are on an iphone try the link for that. You may have to click ‘play’ when the player comes up. That’s all though. Try it out!

I'll be listening.

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Glen Beck is a Lying Fuck and he may have Raped And Murdered A Young Girl In 1990

"Hundreds of thousand on 9/12".
I dont think so Glen, you are lying.

He asked you to
"come to Washington D.C. to restore honor".
Glen, you have no honor, you are a lying piece of shit, fear mongering GOP mouth piece.
He asks you
"to be like Lincoln and Washington"
when he is nothing but a modern day McCarthy whore. Lincoln and Washington would distance themselves from the Lying Beck as fast and far from him as they could.

Next he praises Dietrich Bonhoeffer a lunatic Calvinist. And don't forget he is a devout Mormon and most likely wears magic underwear as well as believes that humans live on the moon.
That's it! stop the tape! I'm Done!

It's getting to weird, but then thats beck, and mormanism.

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Chrystal's Benefit

Police State

In a 3-2 decision, Justice Steven David writing for the court said if a police

officer wants to enter a home for any reason or no reason at all, a homeowner cannot do anything to block the officer’s entry. “We believe … a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence,” David said. “We also find that allowing resistance unnecessarily escalates the level of violence and therefore the risk of injuries to all parties involved without preventing the arrest.”

The court’s decision stems from a Vanderburgh County case in which police were called to investigate a husband and wife arguing outside their apartment.

The cops were not called by the husband or the wife according to the article. So I do not feel this is a domestic disturbance. If it were a domestic dispute between a couple then I think the officers need a little more leeway in the preformance of their duties.

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Ha Ha

See more cartoons here

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"What do you get, Another day older and deeper in debt"

"Weapons of Mass Exploitation
Sunday 8 May 2011
by: Ravi Batra, Truthout

About eight years ago, there was frenzied and furious talk about WMDs, or weapons of mass destruc­tion. Both the frenzy and the fury came from Pre­sident George W. Bush and his administration, prior to the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003 and soon thereafter. The president's poll ratings had soared in the aftermath of the quick American victory in Afghanistan, which was the base from which al-Qaeda had launched 9/11. In order to keep his poll numbers up, the pre­sident and his officials were in a hurry to invade Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein from power. There was a frenzy of claims that Saddam possessed WMDs including chemical arms and nuclear weapons. But when none were found, the officials were furious that Saddam, so to speak, had deceived them. They were also furious at their critics who wondered aloud if the entire WMD claim was actually a fabrication.

The Iraq invasion turned out to be a colossal mistake in terms of lost lives and heavy expenditures that sharply raised the federal budget deficit. However, few realize that the Bush administration made a far bigger mistake in using what may be called Weapons of Mass Exploitation or WMEs, which have all but decimated the US economy and continue to do so.

A WME is a short-term financial palliative that makes the rich richer but postpones economic troubles, while seeming to cure the problems of unemployment and dwindling family incomes. It tends to create debt in the economy, but most economists call it fiscal policy or monetary policy. Once the term "policy" is used, everybody shuts up and accepts the claims of WMEs' benefic­ence, believing that a genius must have devised it. However, all it does is to generate more debt in the economy, and let the pro­blems pile up, only to return with greater force in the future. Most nations have deployed it in the past 30 years, but various American administrations have been exceptionally adept in its use.

Let us see how a WME only postpones economic ills and also en­riches the rich. I am sure you've all heard of supply and demand, even if you never took a course in economics. Supply and demand are like the two wings of an airplane; both have to be equally strong and weighty, or else the plane will crash.

What is the main source of supply? Productivity. What is the main source of demand? Wages. If you become more productive - through education or the use of better technology - you produce or supply more goods. If your wages rise, then you consume or demand more goods. For the economy to stay healthy, supply must be equal to demand, or:

Supply = Demand

Please don't be alarmed by the use of a simple equation, because it will highlight the role of debt in a visual way and make it easily understandable. If supply is not equal to demand, then, like the airplane with unequal wings, the economy will crash some day. Here, supply refers to the value of goods produced in the entire economy, and demand means total spending or the value of goods consumed in the nation.

It so happens that, because of investment and new technology, productivity and, hence, supply rise year after year. This means that wages and, hence, demand must also rise year after, and in the same proportion. Otherwise, there is an imbalance, and unex­pected problems arise. If wages trail productivity growth, supply exceeds demand, leading to overproduction. Businesses are un­able to sell all that they produce and layoffs follow. Hence, the only cause of unemployment in an advanced economy is the rise in the gap between what you produce and what your employer pays you.

However, joblessness creates problems not only for the un­employed but also for elected officials, because the unemployed have the right to vote. Politicians seek to face a happy electorate and be re-elected. They don't like unemployment anymore than you or I, which means they have to create ways to raise national spending to the level of supply. They face two choices: either to follow policies to raise your salary proportionately to the level of your productivity - which is only fair and ethical - or to adopt measures to lure you into larger debt, so that you spend more not out of a pay raise, but from increased borrowing.

Luring the public into debt in order to get re-elected, I believe, is crass corruption. It is also corruption because the politician, ever in need of campaign donations, wouldn't dream of offending busi­ness interests that are all for low wages. With wages trailing pro­ductivity since 1981, elected officials have been following what is known as monetary policy, which tempts people into larger debts. This eliminates unemployment as spending rises to the level of supply, because now,

Supply = Demand + New Consumer Debt

With monetary policy, the Federal Reserve prints more money to bring down the rate of interest, and lower interest rates induce people to increase their borrowing or their debt. However, the wage-productivity gap has been rising so fast that the govern­ment also had to raise its own spending and debt constantly, so that total spending matched rising supply. In this case:

Supply = Demand + New Consumer Debt + New Govern­ment Debt

Raising government debt to postpone the problem of unemploy­ment is called "fiscal policy." Now you see why our nation is awash in debt at both the consumer and the government level. Elected officials have frequently used debt-creation policies to get re-elected, while creating the impression that they are doing American workers a favor by preserving their jobs. Are they doing you a favor? Absolutely not. Instead, they are simply en­riching the rich. Let us see how.

First, job creation occurs through the cooperative action of both producers and consumers. Producers only create supply and, in­deed, hire workers, but if their goods remain unsold, they lose money and workers are laid off. Second, joblessness occurs only if your boss doesn't pay you enough to match your productivity. If you work hard and still get fired, then it is the employer's fault, not yours. You are doing your job of being productive on the one hand and creating demand out of your salary on the other. If your demand falls or does not rise enough, then it is because your boss has not given you a raise or has cut your wages. At the macro level, insufficient national demand only means that work­ers have produced so much for their companies that supply ex­ceeds demand, so that some people have to be laid off. Where then is your fault in this entire process? It is your employer's greed that generates joblessness, not you.

Once the government has generated enough new debt to increase spending to the level of supply, the unemployed are called back to work, usually at lower wages. But the debt increase is large en­ough to eliminate overproduction even at puny wages. As over­production vanishes, profits jump. You can see this clearly from the above equation. If your wages and, hence, your demand are constant, then the entire increase in debt goes into the pockets of suppliers. Without this debt growth, employers would have suf­fered losses due to overproduction; but with the creation of new debt, all their goods are sold, and profits soar, while your salary is either constant or grows very little; it may even fall, if you were laid off and had to find a new job. Thus, if the budget deficit is $1trillion, then corporate profits plus executive bonuses jump by $1 trillion. If the deficit is $2 trillion, then businessmen's incomes rocket by the same amount.

This is exactly what has occurred during the Great Recession that started at the end of 2007. Millions of people were fired be­cause the likes of General Motors, IBM, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs could not sell all they had produced. Then President Bush sharply raised the budget deficit, and the Federal Reserve prin­ted tons of new money to bail out failing businesses. As a result, the economy stabilized in 2009 and began to grow in 2010. However, real wages fell, while profits sky-rocketed. Why? Be­cause, the entire increase in government debt went into the coff­ers of producers. This is how Goldman Sachs alone could give bonuses of over $20 billion to its executives in 2009, while mill­ions were still being laid off. Consumer debt actually fell, but the government debt rose so much that executives received hefty extra compensation.

Eliminating the Budget Deficit

It should be clear by now that our so-called monetary and fiscal policies are enriching the rich while not doing much for the job­less. What should we do? For the solution, let us take a look at the American economy in the 1950s and the 1960s, the golden de­cades of high growth and growing prosperity for all. GDP growth averaged over 4 percent as compared to less than 3 percent since 1981, while real wages went up to match rising productivity. The top bracket income tax rate at the time averaged above 80 per­cent, and corporations paid 25 percent of the total tax revenue or about 5 percent of GDP. The middle class paid low taxes, and there was practically no budget deficit.

Why was GDP growth so high back then? The answer lies in high taxation of wealthy individuals and corporations. Thus, for the 1950s and the 1960s:

Supply = Demand + Near Zero New Debt

Since real wages grew as fast as productivity, new debt was prac­tically zero. People met their needs mostly out of their rising sala­ries. Demand rose in a natural way to match increasing supply. It may be noted that supply comes primarily from the rich, but de­mand comes primarily from the poor and the middle class. Since taxes were low on low-income groups, consumer demand grew as fast as salaries; but from 1981 on, thanks to President Reagan and his advisers such as Alan Greenspan, the tax burden was transferred from the rich to everyone else. Income tax rates sank for wealthy individuals and corporations, while most, if not all, other federal taxes jumped. The self-employed small business person, for instance, saw a rise of 66 percent in their tax rate. Taxes also rose on gasoline and tires. The crippling tax burden on lower incomes naturally reduced the growth in demand, so GDP growth (growth in supply or output) fell sharply below that in the 1950s and the 1960s. Even the oil-shocked 1970s produced high­er growth of 3.3 percent.

All this suggests that we should move toward the tax structure of the 1950s and 1960s. Today, the top-bracket income tax rate is 35 percent. Suppose we were to raise this rate to 45 percent for annual incomes above $250,000, and to 70 percent for incomes above one million, then the income tax yield would rise from $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion, or by $500 billion. Thus, any dollar earned above $250,000 will be taxed at the rate of 45 percent; similarly, any earned above a million will face a rate of 70 percent, so that average tax rates will be well below the top rates, which will still be below those in the 1960s. For corporations, we could go back to the old rate of 45 percent tax on corporate profits, while eliminating loopholes. We would then collect about 5 percent of GDP or some $750 billion, which would bring in extra revenue of $600 billion. Thus, higher taxes on affluent families and busines­ses will raise our revenue annually by $1.1 trillion. Slashing defen­se spending and oil and agricultural subsidies would reduce government spending. This way we can almost eliminate our bud­get deficit, which is currently running at an annual rate of $1.2 tri­llion.

Eliminating the Trade Deficit

Eliminating the budget deficit would quickly revive our comatose economy. The first benefit would be felt in the fall of our trade de­ficit, especially that with China, which has become our foremost lender. America would no longer have to borrow money from an­yone, and China would not be able to use its surplus dollars to buy more US government bonds. Such a move would cause a major appreciation in the value of the Chinese yuan, which, in turn, would reduce, possibly eliminate, our trade shortfall with China. Our manufacturing would revive and thousands of new jobs would be created, raising the tax revenue further.

The next step would be to reduce the tax burden on lower in­comes by cutting the self-employment tax to 12 percent from the current 15 percent; we could also eliminate the Social Security tax on the minimum wage. Our increased tax revenue would pay for these cuts, which would further raise consumer demand and, hence, GDP growth. Note that the trade deficit is also a WME, be­cause it tends to lower wages, while stuffing the wallets of the CEOs of multinational corporations. Just look at the fat pay checks of such CEOs in the aftermath of our trade with China.

Another WME that our government has systematically used to re­duce our living standard is outsourcing; we can impose a stiff tax on this practice and raise even more revenue. This would also en­able us to trim the tax burden of low-income groups.

In short, the American economy can be easily fixed if our govern­ment would stop using its vast arsenal of WMEs against us. I be­lieve that, in just 12 to 18 months, we can bring the nation back to an unemployment rate of 6 percent, which is close to full em­ployment.

This work by Truthout is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License"

“How many Muslims does a black guy have to kill in one weekend before the crackers climb down off his ass?”

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Fuck You Andy

President Obama has pounded his chest enough according to, of all people, George W. Bush's former Chief of Staff, Andrew Card.

And that! From the guy who approved this!

"I think he has pounded his chest a little too much," Card said. "He can take pride in it, but he does not need to show it so much."

Stop being a Dick

Dick Cheney owes the President an apology?

Ever since Obama entered the White House, the former vice president has been decrying him as a weak leader whose actions place the nation at risk. He's been the lead-singer of the Obama-is-bad-for-national-security mantra on the right. Yet in the wake of the successful raid on Osama bin Laden's suburban compound, Cheney has not rescinded his previous assaults on the president.

So Dick, it's time to stop being a DICK

Stop being a Dick

Dick Cheney owes the President an apology?

Ever since Obama entered the White House, the former vice president has been decrying him as a weak leader whose actions place the nation at risk. He's been the lead-singer of the Obama-is-bad-for-national-security mantra on the right. Yet in the wake of the successful raid on Osama bin Laden's suburban compound, Cheney has not rescinded his previous assaults on the president.

So Dick, it's time to stop being a DICK

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Mike Pence running for governor of Indiana

This is just what Indiana needs, a TEABAGGER.

We currently have the once Director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget under George W. Bush and how did that work out?

Failures one and all.

Crazy Christers in Linton Indiana

Members of the Linton Ministerial Association prayed for the city leaders on Election Day in a mid-day service at the Linton City Hall.
Linton Mayor Patti Jones joined her hand in prayer with her secretary, Fran Abbott, during Tuesday's prayer service at the city hall.

"God save me from your followers"

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A great post by P.Z. Myers

"While it's necessary to stop terrorists, sometimes with violence, it is barbarous to gloat over the execution of an enemy. I find the chanting crowds cheering over the corpse disturbing, and the triumphal tone of our leaders is misplaced. We killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and threw away trillions of dollars, and our trophy is the bloody corpse of one old man? There's no victory in that.

I'm also cynical. What was the point? Nothing will change. We live in Idiot America, which is also Fearful America, which is also Paranoid America, which is also Solve-Our-Problems-With-A-Gun America. One figurehead is dead, now the focus of our country's fear will shift to some amorphous mass of generic Muslims, and the troops will continue their destruction, and we'll still flag our cowardice with pointless color changes at our airports, and we'll continue to sacrifice our civil liberties at the altar of national security. Nothing was accomplished, our purpose is as vague and tyrannical as ever, we'll need to continue to kill more to feed our illusion of safety.

Oh, there is one thing we've got now. A few more politicians will cloak themselves in the blood of our enemies in the next election, and victory will be achieved for Blowing Shit Up in the name of Getting Things Done. And we'll perpetuate the violence because it appeals to our citizen savages."

Posted over at Pharyngula

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The Crazy Religious Fucker is Dead

Obama got Bin Laden

The Crazy Religious Fucker Is Dead

What will the GOP do now ?
What will the Teabaggers have to say ?

* Update: It appears he was killed in the capitol city Islamabad Pakistan. 
 How long before the uprisings begin in pakistan?

WTF? Tax Big Oil to pay for social programs. Who'da thunk it!

Oil companies continue to report major profit increases amidst rising prices for gas and oil. On Thursday, Exxon Mobil said it posted a $10.7 billion profit in the first quarter, a gain of 69 percent. Royal Dutch Shell earned $6.3 billion, up 30 percent. The news comes as the Venezuelan government has announced a new tax on oil companies’ windfall profits. The tax kicks in at 20 percent when oil hits $40 dollars a barrel, reaching up to 95 percent if oil tops $100 barrel. Venezuela says it expects to collect between $9 billion and $16.3 billion this year, with the money going to social programs. In a statement, the group Public Citizen called for a tax on oil companies’ windfall profits in the United States, saying, "Prices at the gas pump are jumping, even though the cost of drilling hasn’t changed… Big Oil is able to pocket the difference—at the direct expense of consumers."