Monday, May 23, 2011

Harold Camping and the Crazy Christers

I have talked with a few crazy christers and they all think old Harold Camping is nuts.
But the only difference between the main stream christians and the nutty Harold Camping is the date on which the rapture will occur.
They all believe the rapture is a sure thing and that it will eventually happen.
And most believe that we are in the end time, but then the end times have always been upon us according to most religions.

Harold Camping and every other religious leader are scam artists and nothing more.
Poaching off the lively hood of those that have the least to give. The poor, the down trodden the weak the elderly the miss guided the unfortunate who are not capable of thinking for themselves are being taken advantage of by these people who claim to have a way out for them in the next life.

Criminals they are, one and all.

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