Sunday, January 15, 2012

Make Piracy your Friend. Perkel has done it again

Solution to the problem of copyright piracy and protecting civil liberties

The United States Congress in order to address the concerns of copyright holders like the RIAA and the MPA have made several attempts to pass laws to protect intellectual property. Many of these ideas have led to terrible laws and proposals the totally break the Internet.

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Make Piracy your Friend

Here's an idea for a solution to the piracy problem that is a win/win solution. This eliminates the need for SOPA. It is an outside the box solution so think deeply. The idea is:

Don't try to stop piracy. Make piracy your friend!

What we now call piracy - people copying movies and songs over the internet - can be look at as a free advertising and distribution system. Allow files to be uploaded - downloaded - copied - and distributed. The more the better.
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